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Neopentyl glycol (NPG), white crystalline solid, odourless, with moisture absorption. Mainly for the production of unsaturated resin, oil-free alkyd resin, polyurethane foam plastics and elastomers plasticizer, surface active agent, insulation materials, printing ink, inhibitor, synthetic aviation lubricating oil additives, etc. At the same time, neopentyl glycol or good solvent, can be used for separation of aromatic and naphthenic hydrocarbon; Their amino baking paint with good optical and yellow; Also can be used as a stabilizing agent, pesticide raw materials production. Synthesis method of the product at home and abroad mainly divided into two kinds: < br > 1. The method of sodium formate isobutyl aldehyde and formaldehyde in the 30-35 , pH 9 to 11, condensation generated hydroxyl tertiary butyl aldehyde in the presence of alkali catalyst, and too much formaldehyde under the condition of alkali reduction of neopentyl glycol, formaldehyde is oxidation, and work with bases to form sodium formate. Liquid with formic acid neutralization reaction, reduced pressure distillation dehydration, concentrate the layered extraction, after removal of sodium formate, cooling, crystallization, separation, the finished product. < br > 2. The hydrogenation method by butyl aldehyde and formaldehyde via condensation, hydroxyl new valeraldehyde, then through hydrogenation. < br > At present, the most of neopentyl glycol device by using sodium formate, my company in anhui JHJ chemical co., LTD., shandong is xu chemical co., LTD., shandong fu feng (Sweden) stowe parker chemical co., LTD. Design and manufacture of 1 ~ 30000 tons of neopentyl glycol device are achieved full success. We can provide customers with design, manufacture and debugging of 1 ~ 30000 tons sodium formate method (disproportionation process) neopentyl glycol device.
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