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Methenamine is also called the six methyl tetramine, white hygroscopic crystalline powder or colorless luster of a diamond crystals, combustible. Made by formaldehyde and ammonia condensation, the formaldehyde solution in the reactor, ammonia, condensation reaction in alkaline solution, reaction temperature keep in 50-70 , liquid material is entered into the liquid film cooling vacuum evaporator, evaporate under 60-80 , its concentration from 24% to 24% - 42%, then the reaction liquid filtration, by vacuum evaporation crystallization, the suction filter drier for a quick finished methenamine. Widely used in the resin, curing agent, rubber and plastic vulcanization accelerator (accelerator H), textile preshrunk agent, and for making fungicide, explosive and so on. Medicinal, internal and meet acid urine after decomposition of formaldehyde and sterilization effect, used for mild urinary tract infections; Used to treat tinea, stop sweat, treat osmidrosis. Mixed with sodium hydrate and phenol, used for gas mask as phosgene absorption agent. Methenamine or a common corrosion inhibitor, is used to slow down the corrosion of metal materials. < br > Methenamine production technology at home and abroad at present there are two main types for liquid gas phase method two kinds, namely the liquid phase method is mainly used in processing by-product of paraformaldehyde production plant loose formaldehyde preferred process of next working procedure.
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