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  Paraformaldehyde complete sets of equipment
Paraformaldehyde are excellent substitute of industrial formaldehyde, high quality of paraformaldehyde has high purity, good water solubility, depolymerization, completely product loose, uniform particles, known as the ideal source of pure formaldehyde. Because of its relatively high effective components, industrial formaldehyde is solid particles, is advantageous to the chemical, pharmaceutical and other chemical synthesis and the application of other industry, especially in requires the use of the synthesis of anhydrous formaldehyde as raw material, widely used. Also can be used as a disinfectant, fungicide, fumigants and herbicides and manufacturing resin and synthetic ivory, etc. Paraformaldehyde instead of ordinary industrial formaldehyde aqueous solution, synthetic pesticides, synthetic resin, paint and making fumigant downstream products such as a variety of formaldehyde, can reduce the energy consumption of the dehydration, and can greatly reduce waste water processing, industriy is a green environmental protection engineering. At present domestic paraformaldehyde production process mainly has two kinds: one kind is vacuum rake type dry production technology, another is the spray drying process. Wuxi su Yang chemical equipment co., LTD., manufacture vacuum rake drying process paraformaldehyde device is also first domestic currently recognized in the industry's best manufacturers, rake drying process paraformaldehyde device is my company's market share of more than 80%. As the production process of continuous innovation, our company combines the advantages of spray drying process at present and in the traditional rake type dry production process to optimize major developed new type rake type dry paraformaldehyde device of production process, this new device has been successfully applied in hubei YiHua group, hebei jin teda chemical co., LTD., Ann HongYuan chemical co., LTD., and other domestic famous paraformaldehyde producers. It has the continuous production, high degree of automation, work environment, product quality, low consumption, etc. Our company can provide 0.5 ~ 30000 tons/year of paraformaldehyde outfit design, manufacture, commissioning and other services.
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